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Our Vision

To unite all different types of music lovers with our own personal heartbreaks and triumphs.

Music brings people together

The members of Ironstar met each other through previous bands in the Minneapolis music scene. Forged through the support of a thriving community, Ironstar emerged as a ray of hope for those looking for more than just a face-value connection.

Melody and Harmony

With years of experience on stage and behind the scenes, Ironstar spends many hours searching for the right melodies and harmonies to accentuate their heartfelt lyrics so they can convey their emotions as sincerely as possible.


July 31st, 9:30pm


Rousing bassist, Scott Yonke, and powerhouse vocalist Jermaine (Sharisse) Germain crossed musical paths by chance in 2016 and haven't stopped performing together ever since.
In early 2019, they decided to get serious about writing and performing original music, and JoJo Green was formed. Bringing Anna, Conner and Nancy to complete the team has truly made their music come alive. Every musician in this group brings knowledge, skill, creativity, perseverance, and finesse to the sound. We work hard to please your ears! 


August 10th, 7:30pm

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